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View of Saint Peters square

Traveling the world on long weekends

First of all a huge THANK YOU for stopping by, we appreciate it!

We are a Norwegian couple with two teenagers, and we love to travel – near and far. We work 9-5, teens go to school, and we travel only during our vacation time and other days off. And we love our long weekend breaks from everyday’ hassle. We are not digital nomads and nor have we desire to become such. You can read my and other like-minded bloggers’ in-depth interview on this subject HERE.

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You might consider us lucky living in one of the worlds best countries when it comes to social welfare. In Norway, we have five weeks vacation by law, ten public holidays and there are of course WEEKENDS. If we add that up, we get 35 days off excluding the weekends.


But no matter the country you live and work in there is always a way to get you on the road.

Travelletters is all about how to make most out of your precious vacation time. We are all about city travels, beaches, and hiking. If you:

live a corporate life working 9-5
– travel only during your days off 
– want to know where to go on long weekends or a short vacation
– want to know where to stay
– want to know what activities to do and how much they cost
– want tips on best travel accessories

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Hotel Stela Etoile in Paris

Then you are definitely in the right place, and we can help you get the most out of your precious time. Along with our articles, you will find some freebies with extra information or tips that you can download directly for later use. I recommend you start with checking our destinations, activities, accommodation, and travel accessories guides and let us know if you have any questions. To make your planning more comfortable and avoid forgetting essential things Living Well Spending Less has created this beautiful Planner 2018, for all of us who has thousands of thoughts in our head at once 🙂 It is undated, so you can start using it whenever you want, colorful and comes in three different price options. I use one my self, and I love it!


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Our beautiful Oslo

About us

Lena (me) – born in Kiev Ukraine and moved to Norway after I met Steinar (my better half). I have just finished my three-year-long study for a Master degree while working full-time. I have always loved to travel and have always been curious about other cultures, history, and languages. I like to write and take pictures and always bring my camera with me – to sometimes huge annoyance to my family. I love dark chocolate, win, and food and sometimes we do food tours on our trips.

Steinar – loves his drone and brings it with him where ever and whenever he can. He loves to travel, and he also likes to drive, which is perfect because road tripping is my favorite type of travel. Steinar is a fan of beer, food, and desserts, he is more laid back than I, and he is good at keeping my restless soul grounded.

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Celebrating NY eve with friends

We do love mountains and beaches, but nothing beats the vibes of cities like Paris, Rome, HK, Venice or our hometown Oslo. We love cityscapes, and most of our travels consist of city breaks.

Despite the final year (2017) of study, full-time work and two teenagers at school we managed to travel to 13 new and “old” places. It is possible to travel a lot on weekends and days off, with a little planning and “I can do it” mindset 🙂

If you have any questions for us, please get in touch via our contact page. We are looking forward to hearing from you! See you around the world 🙂

Ark Beach Apartments in Split
travelletters, destination guide, accommodation guide, activity guide


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Lake view in Norway

The 25 countries and three continents we have visited so far will show you that you can see a lot during your vacation.


You can read a more in-depth interview with me at http://suitcasesix.com/wow-lena/ – Sarah Swank’s blog who supports female bloggers, or here.




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