Your best destination so far?


Ok, guys, what is your best destination so far and why? Is it people, weather, views, food, luxury, simplicity – what made your experience so great?

One of the Croatian islands

I remember our summer vacation last year – we were going to Croatia.- yey! We have never been there but have heard so many wonderful things about it, however nothing specific.

We booked nice hotel – sort of BnB, it looked very nice and we were really excited to be spending 10 days in this amazing country. Hotel had a roof terrace where we had breakfast overlooking sea, it had a pool and it was just some steps down to the sea. It was warm when we arrived and it was a great start. We stayed just outside Split city, in a suburban called Stobrec. Making long story short my experience and personal opinion on Croatia was ruined by my expectations of all the “amazingness”. The food was Ok and so were the people, all though I could sense that they were somewhat arrogant. But – there were no sand beaches.. I don’t know about you, but when I first get annoyed about something that was important to me I start to notice other small things that are negative – it’s so stupid, but yet present. I missed those beautiful sandy spanish beaches with sunbeds and

The water is clear and clean

restaurants, where you can order a glass of cold white wine or just stroll across (or run if it’s very hot) the sand to the water in just seconds. Here I had to use minutes to stumble across stones moaning like a crazy lady (and looking like one too) to get to this amazing clear and clean water.

My point is after that I stoped to expect anything from my travels. I just go and see what it is like. And in a few years time I know I will go back to Croatia and probably have the time of my life – because now it can only get better 🙂



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