Embarrassing and as deserved?

This summer we went to France on a road trip. We started in Paris and this was mine and my husband’s third time in this beautiful city. We have seen many different iconic stuff in Paris and staying there only for one night we wanted to focus on spending some time in Chateau de Versailles. At first my husband couldn’t see any reason as to why I want to see Versailles so much, he never even heard of the place.

Chateau de Versailles – the only spot without people

I did some research in advanced and we got the tickets online before we left Norway. We didn’t want to spend half the day standing in line for tickets and then half a day to get in. When we arrived I was glad we got our tickets in advanced as the place was crowded, naturally, and it was +30C. As proud as I was (for being that smart) we marched straight to the entrance on the side, as it was stated on tickets, past the snake formed long queue of people who were not as smart as me, or just were lazy, to get their tickets in advanced, and asked personnel if we could go in because we had pre-purchased the tickets. The man looked at me at said that I had to wait in line. Me – “What line?
The man – “You see this long queue of approximately 200 m? That line”
Well, thank you, for bringing me back to earth – I am obviously not as smart as I thought.

The line for those with tickets.

Disappointed as we were I thought – I came here to see Versailles, so I can’t give up. We sneaked in line just 5 meters in front of the entrance! A girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do, right?
Through the security gates and into the chateau front yard – again the line to get into the main building. What’s up with everybody wanting to see the same stuff as I me?? So, we decided to explore the left side of the chateau (the one just behind the man in blue jacket you see on the shot). There was a hall with French battles paintings so we thought that it was probably very appropriate and fun for our 12 yo. Through the hall and eventually out into the gardens.

The hall of Battles (can’t remember the real name)

The gardens are very nice and we even had the ticket for fountain show – so I though again “It was so clever to go straight to the gardens, so we at least can see the show”. I, of course, forgot to check when the show was – it is only at specific times even though it is quite often. We were, of course, somewhere in between hours, so didn’t get to see IMG_6754that.. We wandered in gardens for 10-15 min and went back to explore the rest of the Chateau. And suddenly we were outside the Chateau and in front of the line we sneaked in. The story is we didn’t get to see Chateau de Versailles 😦
I believe in Karma and we all know what they say about it – I will never snick in again…



Chateau de Versailles – I promise you, I will be back!


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