Paris is always a good idea

Have you been to Paris? This was my third time and we wanted to stay close to everything as we only had an afternoon in this beautiful city..

After a lot of research I found A 3* just next to Arc de Triumph. The view of the Arc was worth its money and we even had a sunset view. The room was small, well we were two adults and a 12 yo, so maybe it was an ok size after all, and the bathroom was totally fine too. The room was very pricy, but as I said, this time a room with a view won over the price.

Sunset over Arc de Triumph

Arriving Paris sometime in the early afternoon and +33C wasn’t a walk in the park – it was hot.. Wandering around in a big city on a hot summer day is exhausting. So, you probably wonder – why on earth did you go to Paris for one afternoon?

We planned for two things: I wanted to see Arc de Triumph up close and our son HAD to go to A&F, so this was our afternoon in Paris. Well, I got to see and take many shots of this iconic landmark, even thou I had to cross the street many times to try and get a descent shot of it (and I managed to not get hit by a car).

IMG_6704We walked up and down Champ Elyse along with thousand other tourists, we didn’t go up Arc de Triumph, because of queue, but we did the A&F and I took many pretty (not for me to judge of course, but I hope so) shots. Next time I am in Paris I would love to see Sacre Coeur and wander around in Montmartre, see Eiffel Tower by night with all its lights and have lots of champagne and escargots.

What would you recommend us for our next trip (without kids)?



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