If you have read my previous posts you know we went on a road trip through France. I used several weeks to plan for where to stay and for how long. We knew we wanted to see the Alps, Provence and Normandy. Some places were going to be just a stop along the road while others for several nights. I sat with map over France, tripadvisor, google and for weeks trying to adjust the route for our 10 days trip. In those “short” 10 days we were trying to see as much as possible and yet have some time to relax. And we were trying to avoid Tour de France 🙂

On our way from Paris to the French Alps we had a choice of stopping at Dijon or Lyon. I love big cities and I love mustard, so Dijon sounded like a great choice. However, I was not the only one who was going on this trip, so I had to let my husband choose something. He suggested we stopped at the crossroad between Dijon and Lyon in a small place called Beaune. IMG_6785-2I was, of course, very sceptical and to this day I don’t know how to pronounce the name of the town (I forgot to ask at the hotel). But, as a lesson to me, the place turned out to be extremely charming with amazing atmosphere and food. IMG_0075-2

This was such a pleasant surprise that I will actually consider to let my husband help me planning next time too 🙂 There were not one tourist from Scandinavia, at least as we saw or heard. The town was really small with few streets with shops and many restaurants and was such a big contrast to Paris.IMG_6793-2

So, I guess, the lesson is, I don’t necesserly know better and not always need to be in control, should accept suggestions and sometimes just go with the flow.

Judge for your self the charms of Beaune, I can really recommend it!

By the way, do you ever wonder how many times you end up in somebody else’s photo and how many people around the world have seen you on their picture? It’s a fascinating thought 🙂


We even caught a sunset 🙂


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