All these plans

After we stayed in Beaune for one night we left for French Alps. We booked 2 nights at through and were very excited about what room and service we would get, as I have heard that I shouldn’t expect too much from hotels if I book through third part provider. Well, let me tell you one thing – this was the third time I used and I can’t complain at all. We got a great room and a great service – every time! This post is no way sponsored 🙂

Anyway, the hotel we stayed was just outside Annecy, had private beach on lake Annecy, 5* restaurant, outside jakuzee, only 14 rooms, excellent service, and a beautiful room with amazing view – what else do you need? This was an amazing start of our time in French Alps.

Amazing view from the room


We got amazing room with annex and a little balcony overlooking beautiful Lake Annecy. The lake held +25C and was absolutely perfect – the water was so clear and warm 🙂

Would you believe this is lake water?

Planning our road trip we decided we would spend two days in Annecy and go on at lest one hike. We also found a small plane company which do flights over the lake and the Alps that we booked for one evening. The first day we drove up to the Le Col de la Forclaz just on the other side of the lake, we found the place on, just to check out the views. You should definitely check this viewpoint our if you are ever in the area. The view of the lake from above was stunning. There were a paragliding platform and our 12 year old was bragging about how tough he was to do the paragliding. We are just like the next pair of parents – wanted to teach him a lesson. The next day we drove back and he had to do it – and I tell you he was tough even thou he was really nervous.

Getting ready
Smile to the camera
Off he goes

Since we were going to fly over the alps later that day neither me nor my husband did the paragliding (cause you know – we are ain’t millioners :)) But, guess what?? As we were waiting for Aleks to land and get back up we got a phone call from the plane company that cancelled our trip due to really poor weather conditions later in the evening 😦

I just have to mention that the guys who organised it and instructors were really great, they had a GoPro and took a lot of shots and video while flying, they spoke english well, Aleks could steer and we felt safe – so I would really recommend it. If you want to try it, look up Airmax Parapente on the net or search them up on (this is not sponsored either).

Ok, so back to the planned hikes – I had my tights and my nikes on and was ready to go, straight after junior came back after his paragliding. We were walking down from the jumping platform to meet our son and guess what – my husbands leg injury kicked in :(:( So here I was in the Alps in beautiful weather and was not going to hike, paraglide or on a plane trip over the Alps 😦

I still had one thing I planned for that I wanted to do – explore Annecy, which I heard so many nice things about. The first evening we had in Annecy it was pouring rain, so I thought “hey, new day tomorrow”. The next evening we went to Annecy it was more than pouring, it was thunder and lighting and traffic jam in and out of the city. So we managed to turned half the way, stop at McDonalds to get some “food” for Aleks and drove back to the hotel, that luckily had a table for me and my husband (luckily for everybody because I don’t do good when I am hungry or tired or both (that’s of course the worst)).

So Alps and Annecy didn’t go as planned BUT we had an amazing time and that is the most important thing. And we actually talked about going back for a long weekend for some hiking and Annecy exploring :):)

The view 🙂
Check out those clouds
Lake Annecy
French Alps
Lake Annecy
We had our drone – castle not far away
The area we stayed at (Duingt) from above


Annecy – unfiltered in every way :):)
We were ready for hiking 🙂

11 thoughts on “All these plans”

  1. What an amazing trip! I want to go there & skydive but I’m nervous. Things don’t always go to plan but it can bring out a better adventure. 🙂


  2. I hope you will have the chance to go back there and explore everything. By the way, the Swiss alps are even better than the French Alps 😛


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