My life

New beginnings

Exactly three years ago I was stuck in the middle and needed some change in my life. After checking many options and possibilities I decided to finally get a degree and a piece of paper that would prove what I already was capable of. So I started on a three year long and exhausting journey, both for me and my family. I couldn’t imagine how tough it would be to have a full time job, kids of age 9-12 and husband traveling for work.

My first meeting with my MBA

It turned out to be exactly what I needed – I didn’t remember that school was such fun! Well it probably wasn’t 20 years ago 🙂

Having fun during my first year I thought “hmm, wouldn’t it be a great idea to expand my MBA program and take MBA with Specialism, after all, I am probably never going to school again” Oh, my God, what was I thinking? Didn’t I already lose all my free time, my time with the family, my hobbies, time with friends and all other fun stuff? Studying few hours every day after work, every weekend and only have one week off right after exams and two weeks of summer vacation without reading, was not soooo much fun as it first looked liked.

Anyway, three years later – today, I have finally delivered my last exam. I still have to pass and I won’t get the results for another 6-8 weeks, but fingers crossed. In a few weeks I will be a proud holder of a Master degree in Business Administration with specialism in HR and love for Marketing. Now I just have to find out what I want to do with my new knowledge. I would love to use it for something and somewhere I can make a change.

What do you do and are you happy with that? What kind of inspiring, challenging and useful work is out there? I would love to hear your tips and get help with finding new direction.

At this moment me and my husband celebrating the end of my journey 🙂 We are in Hong Kong for three days and after having beautiful first day the weather forecast is – tropical typhoon for the rest of our stay 😦

At Victoria Peak – yesterday
View from hotel room today 😦



11 thoughts on “New beginnings”

    1. Thank you! I must admit I regret a little, but I knew nothing about marketing when I started on specialism and I didn’t have the energy to take extra subjects in marketing, so I continued with HR 🙂


  1. Congrats! It’s such a great feeling when you put your pen down after your last exam! Good on ya for everything you’ve achieved 🙂


  2. Congrats!! I’m so happy for you! Having the courage to seek change, having responsibilities already is quite a big step. Keep up the great work!


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