Instagram vs Reality

So, you know how I did a lot of research before our road trip? I had a few things that I wanted to see and no way I was going to compromise 🙂 I had already lost hiking and plane tour over the Alps in Annecy, and I was not going to miss this one too. VALENSOLE –  lavender fields that I have seen so many beautiful images of on Instagram – if you don’t know what I am talking about I dare you to check it under #valensole on IG. I was so excited and I don’t know to this day if my husband knows it, but I planned our route so I could see those magnificent fields. He will definitely know it after reading this post..

We left Annecy and drove through Grenoble (which was by the way on Napoleon’s route to Paris). I must admit that the road was both fascinating and boring – I imagined driving through Alps would be like seeing it on Instagram or TV – beautiful landscapes with white mountain tops and green valleys. Well, you can judge for yourself – it is of course not easy to take pictures out of a moving car, but still scenery could be better 🙂


The weather was not the best either but as we moved higher up the mountains the scenery changed and I couldn’t shoot fast enough 🙂 Between layers of clouds it was amazing.IMG_7007


Then we came down on the other side and I got my mountains (without the white tops :)) and green valleys 🙂

Ok, Valensole – beautiful lavender fields where I could be a model and my husband would take beautiful pictures of me, just like I have seen on Instagram. I HATE REALITY!

First of all the fields are supposed to be huge – what we found wasn’t – I, of course, blamed my husband for not wanting to explore further afield :):)

Second of all those colours were not nearly as colourful or bright as I have seen on Instagram – and everything is real on Instagram, right?

Third of all it was bloody hot – no-one to blame for this one 😦

Fourth and finally – I am not a model (and didn’t practice at home before we left) and my husband is not a photographer – his fault.. So this is the result..



Impressive, right? However, I have all these apps where you can edit your pictures, so it wasn’t all that bad..


I mean this one could be Instagram worthy if I knew how to remove the exaggerated purple from the sky. And all though we didn’t take any shots of me running through the fields I saw some asian people having photoshoot (lucky them).

The moral? There is no moral, no there is actually a moral – don’t believe everything you see on Instagram, not even my feed. However, I will be very happy if you followed me on Instagram nevertheless – @travelletters

Lena 🙂



7 thoughts on “Instagram vs Reality”

  1. Ha ha, you’re lucky that your husband reads your blog posts ;-). I missed the lavender fields in the UK this year and was a bit disappointed but perhaps I shouldn’t be as they were probably a bit overcrowded too


  2. Lena this is such a great and honest post! This has happened to me before, too! Instagram y so filtered these days, so we have mohave little expectation to avoid unpleasant surprises. Nevertheless, I can help you with the exaggerated purple sky! I you wish! Or if you wish to try out the app Snapseed. It’s free and you can add the purple to the field, without adding the color to the sky.

    Hope it helps!! Love to read some honesty!!


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