Croatia is high on everybody’s list of places to visit. See-through water, sun, ancient history, GOT, palm trees, warm weather, ancient architecture – what’s not to like? How long should you stay there? Should you go sailing or should you stay on the mainland, or do both? Should you be island hopping and what islands should you see?

Have you had expectations about your traveling that exceeded or disappointed? Is having expectations will always turn out opposite? I won’t give you any spoilers and maybe not even recommendations :) Check out my post on Croatia and see if my expectations exceeded, what we did where and for how long. If you want an alternative to vacation to Croatia, check my post on our road trip in France Enjoy and let me know in the comments if you have any questions.

Croatia itinerary (including a day trip to Mostar)

This article contains compensated links; please read my disclaimer for more information. Croatia has so much to offer – beaches, historical sites, national parks, great food, and their wine, and GOT sites for those who…

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