Have you been to France? I have been three times in Paris and once in Nice, probably the two most visited places in France. But this time we were planning a road trip in France. When I say we, I mean I. But as a lesson to me and luckily for all of us, I let my husband participate in our planning, which lead us to one of the most charming places I have visited on this road trip. Our road trip itinerary lasted for 10 days and expanded from Paris and Chateau de Versaille, down to Provence and ending up in Normandie. Originally we were planning on driving our new car through Europe. But after I done a lot of research on Google – love that search engine, I found out that to fly down to Paris and rent a car would be approximately the same price. SAS had a great deal on their tickets and prices at Avis were not that bad either.

You can see our route here – Paris, Chateau de Versailles, Beaune, AnnecyValensole, Aix-on-Provence, Montpellier, Tours, and Deauville. Click on the links to read about our experiences.

I must tell you that this road trip was such a fun experience that I am definitely recommending you to go on a road trip. You get to see so much in during your precious vacation days and you will definitely get value for your time.

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