Have you considered a Norway hike for your next trip?

Norway, you are beautiful! Cliche? Might be! Is it wrong to be in love with your own country? NO – as long as it doesn’t get too nationalistic..

I came here 22 years ago, but it’s only during the last year that I really got the urge to explore the country I call home. I come from Ukraine and have not been an outdoor person, although I always loved to travel. So, what has awaken this urge? Let me tell you and please don’t laugh – but it’s actually Instagram. All these beautiful images of all the amazing places in the world – National parks, mountains, woods, nature, in general, made me realize that I have all that on my doorsteps. Let me know if you are considering or have considered Norway hike for your next outdoor adventure.

I have now planed to explore Norway as much as I can. The only problem, actually there are two, – are the prices (it’s so expansive here) and the weather. As you may know, we are located far North, which means that winters are long and cold, and summers are short and not very warm. That being said, you must understand how I need to get some sun and heat at least once a year :)

Are you an outdoorsy, a big city person, a beach and resort person or a mix of everything – thinking all at its time? I am definitely a mix, where beach would be my least prefered for a long time vacation :)

Check out one of Norways most popular mountain destinations – both winter and summer/fall time – HEMSEDAL

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