About me

What should I tell you about me?

Ever since I was a little girl I had a restless soul. I was “traveling” a lot due to participation in many competitions since I was 14 yo and probably got the travel bug already then. Oh, I forgot to tell you that I was born in Kiev, Ukraine and was training judo, and competing in former Soviet was a huge deal. So being away for a few days every second or third week since I was 14-15 yo probably laid foundation for my nomad soul.

I love traveling and lately I got interested in photography too, and I drag my camera with me everywhere I go. I am a big city girl and that what appeals most to me, but I also love sun and beach, mountains and historic sites. Due to cold Norwegian summer – that is where we live – I need to go somewhere warm and sunny at least once a year, so there are so many destinations that I have to postpone on due to lack of time for traveling.

I am about to finish my MBA with specialism in HR – last exam in august (in 3,5 weeks -oh My God). It has been three long years with full time job, 2 kids (luckily old enough to take care of themselves) and masters study in foreign language and of course exam stress. But I am nearly there!

As I mentioned I live in Norway, but how did I get here?

I moved to Israel when I was 17 yo and lived there for 3 years. That is where I met my husband who served in UN forces at that time. I moved to Norway when I was 20 yo, which seems like a lifetime ago or at least half a life time for my part 🙂

My dream is to travel around the world at least once! I believe traveling opens our minds and make us tolerant and humble and we need more of these traits in humanity.

I hope you stay on this journey with me and that we can get to know each other and make the world even “smaller” together.






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