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For instance, I just finished my three-year-long MBA while working full-time. Now I just have to find out what I want to do with my knowledge, how I can put it to use. I am in my early 40’s so what on earth made me go back to school again and especially start on something so time and energy demanding as MBA with a specialism. Without any further spoilers, you can read it HERE.

As soon as I was done with my degree my brain decided it was about time to start a new project. So here we are – Travelletters. My last year of studies, while still working full-time, we went to 13 new cities and a few old ones. I love traveling but I don’t want to be a digital nomad – you can read the reasons HERE.


Being a new blogger there is so much new stuff I learn every single day – writing, photo editing, marketing, social media, SEO, linking, networking etc – it can be so overwhelming. So you can imagine how surprised as was when another blogger nominated me for Liebster Blog Awards. It might be not a big deal at all, but being new to blogging it was super exciting.

I have only been blogging for a few month but have met so many cool, helpful and knowledgeable people – like Sharon from DNW (she is the best) and Sara from Behind the quest. They both inspire me although on totally different levels. 

Anyway, I would love you to stay on this journey with me so leave your name and social media contact in the comments or contact form so we can connect.

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View to Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong





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